Sautéed Carrots With Fresh Dill!

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One of the easiest dishes I make for dinner is carrots and fresh dill.  Completely delicious and only takes a few minutes!  Ahhh....

Ingredients matter!  

Fresh organic carrots (you know carrots aren't just orange), fresh dill (a small handful and chopped up well), sea salt, freshly ground pepper and olive oil!  Add chopped onion and fresh garlic if you like.

Heat your sauce pan on medium heat.

Add olive oil, spices to taste, then carrots.  Stir a couple of times.

Saute until soft.  Taste one...tasting is a part of cooking!


Super easy and absolutely amazing!

Peel your carrots!

Cooking dinner is a gift you can give your family every single day!

Happy, healthy eating!

If you follow Little Island Studios often, you know I buy only organic ingredients or at the very least Verified Non-GMO ingredients!  What you eat matters.

Food Matters. REThink Food.