Rainbow Play Salt for Spring!

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While we are still enjoying the lovely winter weather, the colors of spring are calling to us!  Last spring we posted this Rainbow Rice and as pretty as it is, we just love the rock salt more - so sparkly!  Both projects are wonderful for sensory and play fun.  Rainbow Salt is one of the easiest and most enjoyable crafts we do.  Invest in a box of liquid watercolors (about $10 on Amazon) and it last a looong time and brings hours upon hours of happy colorful fun! 

Spring colors are the best! 

Don't forget your kitchen play tools!

Place about a cup and a half into your plastic bag, pick a color and squeeze a few drops in.  If you want it darker, squeeze a few more drops in.   Zip tightly and have little ones shake the bag to mix the colors!

Repeat for each color in a separate bag.

Pour onto cookie sheet to dry.  Doesn't take very long and they're ready to play!

Include lots of "tools"  - dough rollers, spoons, whisk, measuring cups...anything you want!  And keep in mind play-dough tools are perfect too.

Ingredients - 

 (just grab in the baking section of store, bottom shelf and about $2.00!)
Plastic zip or closed bags

Please stop over at Hello, Wonderful - an absolutely gorgeous site and she has the loveliest crafts for kids - her Rainbow Salt Crystal Painting is our kind of colorful happy fun!

Absolutely the easiest and interesting craft for kids!  This rainbow salt keeps my little one busier than any other craft we do!   Seriously.

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Happy Spring!


Mamabelly said…
I love this idea! I will grab some salt and liquid water color when I am out next! It's the perfect snow day activity!
Mamabelly said…
Love this idea! I will definitely grab some salt and liquid watercolor when I am out next! It's the perfect snow day activity and I need to stock up on activities before we have another one!
Emma said…
So pretty and fun! I am one of your IG pals who saw this on your feed. Thanks for the tutorial! Will definitely try this with my kids!