Carrots For Spring, Wellness & Happiness!

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Glorious carrots!  Carrots are some of my favorite colors, they make us think of spring and farm fresh goodness!  Carrots are amazing no matter how you choose to eat them - olive oil and some fresh dill - roasted at 350 degrees for about thirty minutes or until done.  Pop carrots into your morning smoothie.  Raw carrot snacking can be best - any way you choose - CARROTS ROCK!

Are they not simply glorious?! 

Carrots are for your health and wellness, as well as being absolutely delicious - raw, cooked, roasted or juiced!  

We'll have carrots, please!

High in Vitamin A Carrots are amazing body cleansers!
Cancer Prevention
Can lower your chance of Heart Disease
Improves Eye Sight
Protecting Your Liver!

Happy Spring!


Our Carrots & Dill Recipe - easy and delish!

Our Spiced Carrot Cake is amazing!

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