Rainbow in the Clouds Craft!

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We absolutely love everything rainbows - color, promise and happiness all together!  We are looking for to spring and the fun it brings.  Make one of these super easy and happy rainbow clouds!  

Craft Supplies - 

Ribbon - bright happy colors
Glue and Tape
white paper or whatever you want your cloud to be - it's your cloud, you choose!
Cotton Balls
Googly Eyes

This is super easy and your kids will love it!  
Cut out your cloud.  
Choose one side for the back.
Cut out your ribbons and mix the colors and tape or glue the ends of the cut ribbon to the back of the cloud!

Glue on your googly eyes
Glue on cotton balls

Yep, you're done and how cute is this! (and how easy?)

Happy, Happy Spring to you and your lovelies!

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Mamabelly said…
I love this craft! So fun!