Spring Clean Green!

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Spring is here!  Part of spring is renewing and refreshing everything for the new season to come.  There is no need for dangerous "conventional" cleaners - ever!

Always have on hand - vinegar, baking soda, essential oils and various spray bottles and sponges.  Use old stained tees for great cleaning cloths for sustainable, safe and healthy cleaning.

I am constantly asked what I buy and what I feel good about using for my family, so this post is for you!  These are some of our most favorite cleaning supplies - save money, time and your health and go green for spring cleaning!

Our Favorites - 

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap - this castile comes in the most amazing scents - citrus, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree and more - all completely safe, non-GMO and natural.  I use castile soap for simply every thing - refill soap hand soap bottles, cleaning toys, tables and quite frankly…my hair - LOVE it!

Honest Company - I have been subscribing to Honest for years and have always been very pleased with every thing I have gotten and their prices (when you subscribe you get a spectacular price, it comes by Fed-Ex and in a super awesome Honest blue box that your kids will use for crafts!)

Also, I just went to Target the other day and couldn't believe they now carry loads of Honest Co. products - toilet paper (who knew?), paper towels, wipes, cleaning spray and so much more! And yes, Target had great prices on all.

Grab Green - I have been using Grab Green for years, as well.  I am a huge fan of their laundry pods!  Smells amazing, Non-GMO and smells fantastic!  They have hand soap, dish soap, dishwashing pods and more - all wonderful!  These I have found in my local "conventional" grocery, though I mostly purchase at Fresh Market (when I'm in town).   Grab Green is a mom based company and I am so happy to support!

Earth Friendly Products - Excellent company and I have used (and use) their dish soap,  cleaning spray, hand soap and laundry soap and have been extremely pleased with all!

Seventh Generation - I use their dish soap on a regular basis and they carry a wide range of cleaning supplies, most can be found easily at Target and your regular grocer.  

DIY - I am also a huge fan of do-it-yourself products!  I recently made a tea tree lemon spray with Aura Cacia and am so pleased with it, I'll share in separate post. (plus, I'm just looking for a way to photograph lemons…I'm a bit lemon obsessed lately)

I buy my cleaning supplies at Whole Foods, Target and Fresh Market and we are now using Thrive Market!

This is not a sponsored post.  There is an affiliate link on the Honest Co (because Honest is awesome).  I did just join Thrive Market and am happy to have an affiliate link there. (if you choose to use, thanks so much!  Tag me on Twitter or Instagram if you want to share what you bought :) Keep in mind I would not recommend anything I do not currently by myself! 


Unknown said…
Great to see some Eco-friendly products being used! My wife and I decided to go Eco a few years ago; however, she went to a cleaning circle and nobody else subscribed to Eco-friendly cleaning supplied. They even found it silly that my wife and I liked using them. I'm glad to hear somebody else using them because we love it!

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Company