Top It With Tzatziki!

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I am a bit obsessed with tzatziki right now, it is spring and summer perfect - light, healthy and it makes me happy - like summer!  We have already made it several times this season and have topped black beans and rice with it, dipped our veggies in it and just plain eaten it in spoonfuls - delicious!

Do not, I repeat do not run the cucumber through your blender to make this.  Just don't.  You'll have a lovely cucumber juice - not tzatziki.  Use a grater and let drain and then squish the top of the cucumber to push out the remaining juices.

Ingredients - 

Greek Yogurt - 2 cups (I use Stonyfield Organic Plain Greek Yogurt)
Lemon - 1 whole
Large Cucumber  - 1
Fresh Ground Pepper - to taste (I use about 2 heaping teaspoons) I use Frontier Spices 
Sea Salt - to taste
Dill - 2 heaping tbs - chopped
Chives - 1 tbs - chopped well
Garlic - 1 clove diced small
Olive Oil - just a dash

 Grate your cucumber. Drain. (and I mean drain).  Mix all of your ingredients in bowl and chill.  Serve cold and use for absolutely anything you want - veggies, rice dishes, tortillas and quinoa.

What do you eat with tzatziki?

 My Notes:

I use a Kuhn Rikon grater - it's portable and super east to clean and use. Yay! Knife is also a Kuhn Rikon. 

I use only organic  and / or non-GMO ingredients.

Dishes and strainer are from Williams Sonoma - their Open Kitchen line (affordable, gorgeous and works fabulously)

I use Frontier Spices and Simply Organic Spices (non-irrated and non-GMO)

Food matters.  Eat well!

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