Chocolate-Coconut Frozen Treat!

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Happy weekend, lovelies!  

I thought you might like a chocolatey treat for the weekend - summer style.   Summer is almost here and my creative teen came up with this simple combination and I love it so very much I wanted to share with you
My daughter and I are simply in love with everything coconut and chocolate!  So it makes sense to put them together - 

Stonyfield After Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt
Coconut Flakes - not the super sweet and stale, sugared up flakes you grew up with as a kid.  Use real, unsweetened and unrefined coconut flakes - trust me on this!
Sprinkle on top with Vietnamese Cinnamon and voila - the perfect treat for moms that have hard all week!

I use Frontier Cinnamon - absolutely dreamy!
I buy Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt in all flavors (sometimes too much of them) sponsored to not.  (this post is not sponsored)

Happy, happy weekend wonderful mommas! 

Have fun and treat yourself to something yummy and do something you enjoy - you most certainly deserve it!