Super Simple Greek Yogurt Pasta Salad!

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Happy summer, lovelies!  We made this Greek Yogurt Pasta Salad and it is summer perfect!  And quite possibly the easiest summer salad I've ever made!  


Greek Yogurt - 1 1/2 cup
Pasta of your shape preference - 10 oz (and gluten free pasta works fabulously) 
Kale - handful & chopped
basil - 2 tbs
sea salt
heirloom tomato 
red onion
red pepper - small bit (according to taste)

Make your pasta according to directions and add all of your chopped ingredients, add the Greek yogurt and mix just until well blended.   Tweak to taste and enjoy!

I use Stonyfield organic plain Greek Yogurt.  
All of my ingredients are non-gmo and/or organic.  


Unknown said…
That sounds like a refreshing version of a summer pasta salad. A lot of pasta salads re very heavy.