Orange, Raspberry & Coconut Water Ice Pops!

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These gorgeous ice pops are nothing more than a result of a simple desperation to make a healthy treat, whilst staying at a rental apartment (of which I did not bring my kitchen props / gadgets)!  I've been going a bit mad not having brought any of my kitchen with me on my recent travels.  So a trip to Williams Sonoma's Friend's and Family discount day (can you think of any one that is more a friend to Williams Sonoma? :) inspired me to make these super easy and healthy treats for little one's breakfast!  What could be better to start a hot summer weekend off?!   

Ingredients - 

Coconut Water (no additives)
Fresh Organic Raspberries
Orange Juice  - 
I choose Uncle Matt's Organic orange juice -
 just oranges, no flavor packets here!)

Optional:  Fresh Mint Leaves - chopped finely

Fill your ice pop molds with organic juice and or coconut water.  We do a mixture of each or choose one or the other.  They're all delicious and don't forget to drop your fresh organic raspberries in the juice!  Pop your sticks in and place in freezer.

I make these at night and they are ready in the morning for little one!  I have different molds I use (they're at home) whatever molds we use are always a treat!