Roasted Lemon-Lime Chicken!

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Summertime or anytime is absolutely perfect for a roasted chicken and making it lemon-lime makes it the perfect refreshing home-cooked meal (as all meals should be)! 

Ingredients - As always, use unsprayed and organic foods.

Free Range Organic Chicken (we love Vital Farms chickens or from our local organic farm)
Fresh Dill - a handful
Lemons - 2
Lime - 2
Sea Salt - to taste (we like loads!)
Pepper - freshly ground
Citrus A'peel (from Simply Organic Spices/super easy and delish)
Olive Oil

Rinse and place your chicken in a dutch oven cookware and top with a glob of olive oil.  Zest both the lemon and the lime,  then squeeze both, the lemon and lime all over the chicken and place the rinds in the bottom of the pan.  
Sprinkle zest over the top.    
Slice the other lemon and lime and place all over the top and sides of the chicken.  
Dice your dill and sprinkle over top.  Grind your spices liberally over the top of the chicken and place lid on the top.  Cook at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. 
 Remove lid and cook until chicken is cooked through.

Serve with strawberry-lime lemonade (use very low sugar) and we just love a side of BBQ sauce with this chicken!  It needs nothing but BBQ is just summer fun!

Lemon-Lime Roasted Chicken is super easy and absolutely delicious! 
Seriously. Cook.

Strawberry ice cream, freshly chopped strawberries on top with unrefined coconut shreds are the perfect end to this amazing dinner!  

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