Nova Lox with Everything & Open-Faced English Muffins!

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You are in for a treat if you have never had cold smoked salmon!  These open-faced English muffins are completely amazing, you'll add them to your favorite weekend recipes!

We are traveling and we ordered a lox everything bagel with everything and it was amazing, but not organic.  I wanted to add some healthier condiments and sprouts to it.  Feel free to tweak according to your family's likes and what's available.


Choose one:

Sir Kensington's Chipotle Mayo (just the perfect amount of spice)  OR
Cream Cheese (organic)

Add All or Pick and Choose - (we added all)

Sea Salt
Red Onion - sliced thinly
Heirloom Tomatoes
Cucumbers - thinly sliced 
Sprouted Greens
Capers (optional - mix in with cream cheese)
Avocado is amazing, if you have one ripe

Spelt Organic English Muffins - one package

Nova Lox Salmon (cold smoked) - 10 oz (or more, knock yourself out!)

Toast your English muffins in the toaster.  
Place a cookie sheet.
Add the cream cheese OR the Sir Kensington Chipotle Mayo
Top the English Muffins with veggies and spices and lox (salmon)

You can warm in the oven on low or just eat as is - cold.
We prefer to eat them as soon as the last ingredient is added and I've taken pictures.

Now, the family does not like to wait for the pictures…things like "can I eat the ugly muffin" can be heard by the hugriest family member. (usually the teen)

Enjoy and this is such a great party food for summer and back to school weekend fun!

Happy Summer, Lovelies!

As always, I use organic and Verified Non-GMO foods.  I shop at my local farmer's market as often as possible and I buy from farmer's I have developed relationships with.

Simply Organic Spices and Organic Valley Cream Cheese are what I bought for this recipe.

This is not a sponsored post.