Sunshine & Wild Blueberry Coconut Spread!

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This yummy Blueberry Coconut Spread is being featured on Cuisinart - check it out!

As the weather changes brunch outside is even better - breezy breakfasts are absolutely amazing!  This wild blueberry coconut spread is originally posted on Cuisinart!  Enjoy!

Pears and different breads and blueberry coconut spread are perfect breakfast mates!

Ingredients - 

Wild Blueberries - 1 1/2 cups
Cream Cheese - 8oz
Coconut Oil - 1 heaping tablespoon of unrefined oil (plus a bit more if needed)
Manuka Honey - 3 teas 
Korintje Cinnamon - 3 heaping teas 
Nutmeg - just a dash
Mascobado Cane Sugar - 1 heaping teas
Coconut - Raw Organic Shredded Macaroon Cut Coconut (very finely shredded & zero additives)

Place your cream cheese and coconut oil in the food processor and turn to low.  When well blended add in your blueberries and keep to low.  Add in spices, honey, sugar and coconut and turn the food processor to high.  Blend well.  Taste and add more cinnamon and / or oil to taste.  I am a huge cinnamon fan, so mine always has extra!

My Notes:

As with absolutely everything I use - organic, Non-GMO and preferably fair trade.  Food Matters.

You vote every time you buy something.  Make your votes count!  Support organic farmers!

Wild Blueberries are small and I buy them frozen. (although occasionally you can find them in season and pick your own).  Wild blueberries are extremely low in pesticides (if any?) and are not GMO!
I buy weekly.

This recipe is being published on Cuisinart's blog - Yay - where I am their new brand ambassador!  The eight cup food processor works spectacularly and super easy to clean.  (I am a slob).   I buy Cuisinart (you've seen my coffee maker and grinder, if you follow on Instagram ;) sponsored or not.  I never recommend what I do not already buy and support.  Opinions are always my own.

Bon App├ętit!


Unknown said…
My mom got a Cuisinart back in the 80s and still uses and loves it. I like your recipe and I will try it for guests on Monday. I may also try it with alternative dairy sources (goat).