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This post and giveaway is sponsored by Organic India USA!

It's autumn and the weather has changed and we have pumpkins, autumn hikes and holidays on our minds.  With holidays often comes a bit of stress - you can change that!  Rethink the holiday season and what it means to you and change how you handle it.  Add Tulsi tea and balance to your daily life!

Organic India knows a thing or two about balance. Organic India's signature Tulsi herb, a sacred gift from India, is a super-packed ingredient found in all of their teas. Known as Holy Basil, it helps reduce stress, aid in digestion, balance metabolism, support anti-aging and overall immune system. Not only does it taste great, this adaptogenic herb listens to what the body needs--from more energy to conquer a long to-do list to curling up, relaxing by a fire.  

                         Let’s just say it’s an autumn essential [superpower].

ORGANIC INDIA is helping me with balance this autumn and you can enter for a chance to win an autumn prize pack!

-    One lucky winner will receive an ORGANIC INDIA $70 balancing bundle, complete with the following:
  • Four boxes of Tulsi Tea (Original, Chai, Cinnamon Rose and India Breakfast) 
  • One bottle of Ashwagandha, herb to support adrenal health and sooth the nervous system 
  • One bottle of Chyawanprash, tasty herbal jam to support digestion and immunity 
  • One set of mala beads, blessed beads made from the stems of the organic Tulsi.  Each mala has the traditional 108 beads, a symbol of living in harmony with nature. The tulsi beads are traditionally worn close to the skin to provide good fortune and balance to the wearer.  
Prize is shipped via Organic India. We are not responsible for shipping or use. US only please.
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today's post is sponsored by Organic India.  Opinions are my own and if you follow little island studios, you already know that we are big fans of Tulsi tea and buy weekly!


Unknown said…
I am trying to squeeze in more exercise. I have found a Bollywood dance program on TV and I have been attempting to do the dances. I'm not very good but it is fun.
Unknown said…
Today, I met a friend for coffee. It was nice to get out and talk with someone.
Unknown said…
I am doing lots of hiking and biking this fall and am enjoying the cooler weather.
Sheetal said…
Balance is very important ... I need my mind in control then I can set everything right , I love my essential oils which gives me balance and my teas which lift me up.
Sheetal said…
I get my family to balance all activities which we do at home. Food is a very thing which has to be balanced out.
Unknown said…
I am having trouble with balance lately so this would help!