Harry Connick Jr.'s That Would Be Me Out Now! #ThatWouldBeMe #spon

We are SO pleased for today's post sponsored by One2One - featuring Harry Connick Jr.!

To say I am a fan of Harry Connick Jr.. is an understatement to say the least!  His music and voice makes me happy, happy, happy!  Harry Connick Jr.'s new album, That Would Be Me, does not disappoint.  If you are not dancing in your kitchen (I'm always in the kitchen) by the first song, I Like It When You Smile...we have nothing in common.  Seriously, it's that amazing!  Check out these videos where Harry talks about his new album and hear a sneak peak

Available now on Amazon and if you are part of Prime, you can listen as part of Prime Music!

It's hard to get past the first song - you and your kids will want to replay - over and over.  Just let the album run and trust me - it's ALL spectacular! 

Songs - That Would Be Me:

1. (I Like It When You) Smile
2. (I Do) Like We Do
3. Tryin' To Matter
4. Songwriter
5. Do You Really Need Her
6. You Don t Need A Man
7. You Have No Idea
8. Where Prisoners Drown
9. (I Think I) Love You A Little Bit
10. Every Time I Fall In Love
11. Right Where It Hurts

For more information or just some really fabulous pictures of Harry at work - here is his website - https://www.harryconnickjr.com/

Yes, this is a sponsored post with One2One.  However, if you follow me on Instagram or read often, you already know - I'm completely over-the-moon for Harry Connick Jr. (and have been for years!).