I Have The Right To Know What Is IN My Food. #JustLabelIt

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If you follow me or speak to me for more than two minutes, you know I am for the rights of the people - for the rights of moms knowing and choosing what exactly to feed our children!  America's people are sick.  We are living in a world where major chemical companies are running the farms and almost the entire food chain.  Even if you are not knowledgeable about GMOs and what is going on - is it common sense to have chemical companies making our "food"?  Does that even sound logical to you?  No, of course not.  Yet the vast majority (and I do mean majority) of food in the grocery store is genetically modified - scientifically manufactured to require their own chemicals.  GMOs are not about feeding people - GMOs are about money, power and control.  It's really that simple.

I have been saying for years - it is NOT the food that is causing the mass allergies and sickness.  It is WHAT is being DONE to it.  

I am tired of lies.  I am tired of my friends not understanding why their children are sick.  I am tired of food, not being food.  Eat well, lovelies.  Food Matters.

Please join me and millions of Americans (and others around the globe) and fighting for our RIGHT TO KNOW!  For more information please go to RightToKnow.Org


I firmly believe we must give farmers back their rights and  power to grow food as they have for generations before them.  We simply must take the power away from Big Food / Big Ag if we are to make a difference for our children.

Grow Food. Not Lawns.

Educate yourself - JUST LABEL IT!

GMOs must be banned.  The rest of the world knows this.
This is the first step in getting back our rights.  
I have the right to choose for my family.

This is in no way a sponsored post.  Food is my passion. We must fight for wellness and the future health of our children!  Food Matters!