Organic India Tea - Organic & Biodynamic Farming In A Tea Cup! #spon

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Today's post is sponsored by Organic India and Moms Meet! Yay!

If you follow little island studios on Instagram you already know we are huge fans of Organic India tea!  We usually drink their Tulsi tea, but lately we have been drinking Red Mango,  Raspberry Peach and Peppermint teas, which is absolutely holiday perfection!  What we eat and drink matters.  I want my tea sans synthetic toxic chemicals and tea that has been harvested sustainably.  Farmers matter - how we treat them, how our food is grow.  Organic India uses organic and biodynamic practices.  Biodynamic farming is above even organic farming.   In a perfect world all food would be biodynamic and should be!   I refuse to drink tea that is not organic.  I simply respect farmers and my own health.  I do not want the first time the pesticides are rinsed off, to be the first time in my cup!  Again, eat like it matters and drink up!

When my husband travels my daughter and I have movie nights and my favorite for nighttime is Organic India loose leaf Lemon Ginger Tea - so very delicious and lemon and ginger is PH balancing and good for inflammation.  

For more than 5000 years Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) has been considered India's "Queen of Herbs" and has been revered as one of the most sacred herbs in India, infused with healing power. Hindus view Tulsi (also spelled Tulasi or Thulasi) as a goddess in the form of a plant bestowed with great spiritual and healing powers. According to legend, no amount of gold could outweigh Krishna's power, but a single Tulsi leaf placed on the pan in loving devotion tilted that scale. In India today, Tulsi is still traditionally grown in an earthenware pot in every family home or garden, and the leaves are used to make a delicious and refreshing tea that possesses wonderful health benefits.
 - Organic India USA
This is a sponsored post with Organic India and Moms Meet.  Opinions are my own. Yes, I buy and recommend Organic India tea, supplements and ghee on a regular basis!