The Smurfs 3D Now Available On Nintendo! #Ubisoft #spon

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Today's post is sponsored by Ubisoft! Enjoy! 

The Smurfs is now on Nintendo 3DS - enjoy the Smurfs' adventures in 3D (for ages 7 and up)!  I am a huge fan of bringing our Nintendo DS with us on our travels.  It breaks up the trip and we just love kid friendly fun games, like The Smurfs!  For ages 6 and younger disable the 3D feature and just use the 2D (which is just as fabulous)!

Rebuild the Smurf homes and save the Smurf village!  We absolutely love the colors, charactors and I'm a big fan of choosing ingredients for one of the games!  The Smurfs are fun for all ages that my kids won't lose interest in!  Just fabulous.

The Smurfs are in trouble and need help. After a walk in the woods, the Smurfs return to find their village completely destroyed and must discover the culprit responsible and rebuild their home.

Players will meet some of the most famous Smurfs, including Papa Smurf and Smurfette, and visit iconic locations, such as Gargamel’s Laboratory and the deep forest surrounding the village. Players will progress through an original story as they play a variety of 12 exciting mini-games, such as challenging the Smurfs to play hide-and-seek in the forest, creating new alchemy recipes by choosing the right ingredients and sneaking into Gargamel’s lab while he’s asleep while avoiding being caught by his cat, Azrael. Along the way, players will collect resources such as wood, rocks and bricks to create and customize the Smurfs’ village. 

The game empowers players to create the best village ever seen and make Papa Smurf proud.

For more information about The Smurfs check out their website!  It's Smurf-land!!

We are pleased to partner with Ubisoft.  Opinions are our own.  I would never recommend a game I wouldn't buy for my own kids!


Unknown said…
I had the Smurfs game back on the Coleco-vision system. Yup, I'm old.