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We are so very happy today's post and giveaway is sponsored with Stonyfield and prAna
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Moms and dads, before I start my review and thoughts, please read.

The hemp plant is fast-growing and produces a fabric that offers comfort, antimicrobial properties, and great washability.  This sustainable crop requires no pesticides and little water to grow while it naturally replenishes nutrients back to the earth.  In other words - the hemp plant is an incredible super plant!

I spent a few years in early mommy-hood being a bit ambivalent about what I wore and how I expressed myself (or lack-there-of).  Now that I'm older, a bit wiser and actually know who I am and expressing myself is extremely important to me now.

Expressing yourself is an extension of who you are and what you stand for.  It matters. You already know that organic food is of the utmost importance to me.   And I'm moving toward organic and fair trade clothing is, as well.  This is a sponsored post involving prAna, yes, but I already had a few pieces from their fair trade and organic line before I was asked to participate.  I was am a huge fan and when I got the chance to write about prAna's fair trade line, I jumped on it!

Stonyfield's Oh My Yog! in Gingered Pear is my jam...or yogurt!  Organic milk, honey, pears, cinnamon, sea salt, nutmeg and ginger - OH MY YOG!  Quite appropriately named, I must say!  Serious yum! 

The Juniper pants are my favorite yoga pants!  They are unbelievable!  The Rochelle Sweater in grey - fair trade and part wool, a cowl neck and contrasting colored sleeves makes this a fabulous sweater for going out with friends for coffee.  I wear a little tank beneath (the wool can be a touch scratchy).  The sweater looks fabulous with my jeans and new boots!  Happy autumn indeed.

The Mischa Duster is made of 100% organic cotton, super soft and absolutely gorgeous!
I own it in dark olive and I already have the plum in my cart (my code is for 15% off...see below)
I highly recommend!

I seek out hemp, organic cotton and fair trade clothing to express myself!

These are the Juniper yoga pants, they are made from hemp and they are truly amazing!
They feel like a dream (and feel nothing like any other yoga pants I own) and they fit...well let's just say you'll love the way they make your backside look! Seriously.
I highly...and I do mean highly recommend them!  

Dear prAna, I'm really going to need another print in the Juniper line.  Please and thank you.

Use our little island studios code for 15% off  - #M2BARR115
...and yes, I'll be using my own code for another piece or prAna's organic and fair trade line.

Stonyfield and prAna are offering a little island studios reader a fabulous giveaway!
A pack of vouchers of Oh My Yog! (you can pick which flavor expresses you)
And prAna wants the winner to choose any piece of clothing in their organic and fair trade line!  (up to $99)

US winner only please.  Prizes come from prAna and Stonyfield, we are not responsible for shipping, use or whether or not you actually go to yoga!

this is a sponsored post with Stonyfield and prAna.  Opinions are my own and if you follow me on Instagram, you know I support both companies - sponsored or not!


Rosie Discovers said…
I express myself by being Original in the kitchen. I'm always trying something new.
latanya t said…
I express myself by the clothes I wear
Elle said…
I express myself with my accessories like my nail color or jewelry.
Emily N. said…
I like to use my clothing and accessories to express myself.
Unknown said…
This giveaway is awesome and I would love to win it. I need to express myself more in my clothes, I can be ambivalent to what I wear. I express myself through gardening and cooking but should consider wearing more than the color black!
Mamabelly said…
I express myself by simply being me! I love sharing my cooking and baking with others.
lynn said…
Through blogging! Great post!
Mita said…
I express myself with my accessories like my nail color
Fiddlin' Dandi said…
I express myself by writing music.
Tara said…
I express myself with what I wear!
Unknown said…
Currently, I am expressing myself by taking belly dance classes.
Laura H said…
Love expressing myself through my jewelry!
Natalie F said…
It isn't something I'm especially good at. Usually done through humor and what I wear.
Angela said…
I express myself via writing
laborders2000 said…
I express myself by just being me and writing.
Anonymous said…
i express myself through what i wear
Unknown said…
I like the patterns on the Misty Legging. I like both the bright and dark colors. I think I could rock the black jacquard.
Anel said…
I express myself while running, and through cooking!