Food Fight!

This is obviously not a sponsored post.

There are new studies out that say meat is causing Cancer and we should avoid.  No one is talking about what is really going on.  Huffington Post reported this morning footage of a horrendous factory farm that is hell on earth - courtesy of Hormel meats.  The video shows some of the most despicable behavior displayed by humans.  It's really unbelievable.  While I hesitate to put something like this on my blog (my very happy blog), it is important to know what you are eating.  We must have the Right To Know as American planet earth citizens!

You don't want to watch the video?  Why?  Does it make you uncomfortable?  If you watch it, will you think of the lunch meat you put in your child's lunch today?  Will you wait for someone in your family to get Cancer before you rethink food?

Eating meat is not the problem.  Our food system has changed drastically over the last twenty years and it's getting worse.  Now we have animals confined in factory farming that eat nothing but GMO corn and soy.  They are very sick animals by the time they are harvested and that in-it-of-itself is a whole other nightmare.  Have you heard the expression, "you are what you eat"?  It couldn't be more true.

This kind of "farming" and this meat is the complete opposite of getting your meat from a small farmer that is providing grass fed and organic meat.  This not the problem.  Know the difference.

Small farmers in our country are being (and have been) bullied, harassed and threatened to use GMO seed and feed.  We are losing our small farmers, the "requirements" are made so difficult only the mass big ag farmers are making it.

While this video is heinous, please understand that this behavior in a "farm" is NOT new!  This has been going on.  Run "factory farming" through YouTube and see what I mean.   This video has made headlines but these kinds of videos and information is usually hushed up and "lost" in the internet noise.

This video is NOT for under eighteen watching.

If you are waiting for the USDA to save us from these evil factory farms.  Don't bother.  This "farm" is USDA approved and I have watched undercover videos with USDA officials seeing things like this and it is ignored.  (courtesy of YouTube)  The corruption in high offices is deep. Very deep.  Money, not America's wellness is the driving force.  Power and money.  Cancer and illness is big, big business in the US.

I have been saying for years, it is NOT the food, but WHAT has been done to it.

Fight every time you buy food at the grocery store. Buy organic. Buy grass fed.  And buy local organic every time you can.  Make an effort to know your local farmer!  Make a statement that you are no longer okay with eating diseased animals and feeding them to your children.

Food Fight!

Your children's healthy future (and yours) is worth the fight.


Courtney Ann said…
you are 100% accurate!