Hot Cinnamon Cocoa with Cardamon!

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It's that time of year for hot drinks, all things chocolate, cinnamon and everything spice!  We have been working on our own hot cocoa here (hard work, I know) and we think we have it.

As always, stellar ingredients make all the difference - fair trade cocoa, Korjtne cinnamon and cardamon!  You can use grass fed milk or Eden's organic soy milk for a dairy free version - all taste spectacular.


2 cups of Organic Soy Milk or Grass Fed Whole Milk
4 Tbs Cocoa - I buy fair trade
3 heaping teas  Ceylon Cinnamon
1 teas Nutmeg
pinch Cardamon
2-3 Tbs Turbino Sugar (depending on preferences)

Whipped Cream with extra sprinkle of cinnamon & cardamon

Heat in sauce pan to medium heat.  Stir in cocoa, sugar and spices.  Whisk the ingredients constantly.  Taste and tweak to your desire.  A bit of extra sugar?  We usually add ridiculous amounts of cinnamon.  Please note: do not add but a touch of cardamon to begin with.  Cardamon makes this hot cocoa amazing, but you only need a touch! 

Top with non-GMO marshmallows or freshly made whipped cream!

We wish you the happiest of holidays and a 
very merry winter!