Cuties Sweet Sunrise Smoothie!

We are so pleased to have delicious Cuties Citrus Non-GMO Citrus for today's sponsor, as part of  #SweetAsCandy!  You're welcome!

Hello Morning!

It is citrus season and we couldn't be happier!  There is nothing more delightful than waking up to the brilliant colors of citrus - yellow, green and all the hues of orange!  Absolutely amazing little orbs of sweetness, which make Cuties perfect for Valentine's Day!  Around here we start celebrating Valentine's Day right after the holidays.   Valentine's Day is about sweetness and the celebration of love, but there is no reason sugar has to be a part of it!  Moms, instead of passing out sugar and synthetic colored candy for Valentine's Day, hand out fresh and fabulous Cuties citrus.  The perfect snack - real food and fast, gluten and allergy free - as nature intended.  How completely lovely!

Tiny Cuties mandarins are my kiddo's favorite and go-to quick food snack - they are as sweet as candy!  Usually for a morning or mid-morning snack we make a smoothie and lately we have been making orange smoothies with Cuties mandarins - of course - Good morning!

As always, ingredients matter.  Food matters.  Choose fresh, Non-GMO and eat often!
Cuties are Non-GMO and that is a must for my family!  
Food Matters.

Grab a bag of Cuties mandarins and peel four of them and snack on the rest.
We use fresh ginger root instead of powder form for maximum results.  We choose organic beets and carrots, as they grow in the earth and soak up pesticides quickly.  We use frozen mango for it's convenience and to keep our smoothie cold.  
Grab some ice and you're all set!

Top with shredded unsweetened coconut for an extra kick!  
We love it!

Good Morning, indeed! 

Smoothie:  Peel a small beet and two small carrots.  Peel four Cuties mandarins.  Zest your ginger root for 2 teaspoons.  Add 1/2 of the beet, 2 small carrots, 4 Cuties mandarins, ginger, 1/2 turmeric root, 1 teas of Ceylon Cinnamon and 1 1/2 cups of frozen mango.  Add in 1 cup of ice.  Blend well starting at 2 on your Vitamix and move up to 5 speed.  Blend well.  Taste and tweak to taste.  Add in the rest of your beet - it always depends on how big it is.  So I start with 1/2 of a small one and go from there.  

Isn't this the happiest picture?!  
I simply love everything full of color and orange is my most favorite!

Drink well, lovelies!

Make the pledge to swap candy for Cuties this Valentine’s Day by downloading their sweet anthem here: Cuties announced that if they get to 10,000 song downloads the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, a city with top downloads will be taken over by Cuties, spreading sweetness and love. The takeover will be broadcasted live on Periscope, so everyone can follow along as Cuties spreads the love!

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