5 Ways To Stay In Shape This Winter!

It is utterly freezing here near Chicago and some days it seems like I won't get any workout completed at all.  If you have the luxury of living some where it is sunny and warm...well, you don't really need this and can I come to your house to play?

There really is no need to gain weight or not be active in the winter, it just takes a little extra thought and an extra (or two) layer of clothes!  These are just a few things that I have had to learn moving to the north from the south.

Dress the Part-  Head  prAna and invest in a pair winter trail sneakers.   If the snow is that heavy, you may want to look at snowshoes.  Snowshoes attach to your snow boots or trail sneakers and allow you to walk wherever you desire!  No excuses.

Running or walking in the snow or low temperatures in cold weather gear make all-the-difference in your performance and the way you feel about working out - mentally and physically!  Gear including hats, gloves, fleece tights under your running pants, multi-layers of tops, a great pair of sunglasses, a down jacket or vest and a thin scarf to seal up air around your neck - gear can make or break your winter work out season. 

Hot Yoga - Oh, doesn't that just sounds amazing?  Heating up your yoga space for hot vinyasa always makes me supremely happy!  The heat warms and loosens up your muscles and I find it quite healing - mind and body.  I have found amazing classes online at yoga download.com and Amazon.com and this one - all outstanding with excellent yoga teachers that will challenge you and not leave your bored.  

Don't forget to get the kids involved - yoga is so good for all ages and they just love the poses!

Dance - Dance like your kids are watching! When you have little ones at home, getting outside in subzero temperatures or even getting a babysitter may not be the best option.  Move the sofa or dinning room table over, if necessary to clear some space and turn the music up!  I assure you, you can work up quite a sweat dancing with your kids or while you work around the house.  And an added bonus:  the kids are absolutely exhausted and may nap so you can take a break and read a book - ahhhh!

Motivation - Often times all you really need is some motivation to workout during dreary weather.  I get it. Trust me.  Reward and make goals for yourself and post on your fridge or somewhere you see often.  Things that motivate me, long and short goals are a new outfit from prAna, new music, a cookbook, creating a new smoothie recipe, a cup of tea and reading, meditation, drawing or cooking something new.  

Take A Trip -  Check out all the places around you within a reasonable driving distance to go exploring.  Go hiking!  Winter hiking is one of my most favorite things and has SO many pluses I often wonder why it's not more popular - no bugs, peace and quiet and the air smells cleaner!  Obviously, your gear and preparedness means everything.  Always have the right clothes, a blanket in the car, an extra outfit, mobile phone and snacks!  

Have a happy and healthy winter, lovelies!