Valentine's Day Popcorn & Family Fun!

Making popcorn is one of our favorite special treats for anytime - movie nights, holidays, after school fun!  Popcorn can make a boring snowy day turn into a fun and festive occasion!  I bought the Cuisinart popcorn maker for our family's gift over a year ago for the holidays and have used it multiple times a week since then.  My kids love it and honestly, my husband my like it more than they do.  Let the kids join in to pour the kernels into the popcorn maker.   Yes, teens love this too - never too old to enjoy popcorn popping!   Turn it on -  the laughs and "ohhs and ahh" when the popcorn starts flowing out is priceless!

You'll need - 

small sauce pan for butter warming
 small containers for the popcorn - we just love the red and white Susty paper cups - perfect for popcorn!

Ingredients - 
Organic popcorn kernels - Trader Joe's has a large bag of organic popcorn thats lasts!
Sea Salt
Grass Fed Butter
Valentine's Day sprinkles - we use pink hearts with no synthetic coloring
Ceylon Cinnamon

Optional:  A dash of peppermint oil

Melt 6 ounces of grass fed butter
Make 1 cup of popcorn according to Cuisinart instructions - no more than 1/2 cup of kernels at a time
Mix a teaspoon of sea salt into the butter
Pour the butter all around the popped corn
Let the kids stir the popcorn and butter with large spoon
Taste to see if you need more sea salt
Pour into individual bowls and sprinkle the Valentine's Day sprinkles on top!

If you would like the peppermint popcorn - pour 2 drops into the melted butter and stir. 
Then pour onto the popcorn.

We used Williams Sonoma pink heart - made in Belgium and no synthetic coloring!

Ways to say I love you on Valentine's Day!

Decorate a paper sandwich bag with bright markers and construction paper hearts and fill with home-baked cookies.
Write a note for their lunch or with their breakfast!
Make heart shaped pancakes - use a play-doh or cookie cutter.  Super easy and festive!
Make a date with them - read a story, play a game or just sit and chat.  Depending on the age and the child - be present! (turn phone OFF and put out of site)
Let the kids help with dinner!  Yes, it takes just a little bit longer but it is time well-spent and also nurtures their love of healthy food.

Happy Valentine's Day - 
celebrate LOVE every single day!