Orange Citrus Bake!

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It is spring and I feel the need to completely submerse myself in all-the-colors!   Orange is always my most favorite color, so putting all-the-orange things in one bake, seems especially wonderful!  As always, ingredients matter.  I choose fresh and organic every single time I can!  Grab a variety of oranges, carrots, peppers and bright orange beets and lets COOK! 

Ingredients - 

3 Oranges or Mandarins (choose organic because you will be using the zest and the juices)
3 Orange Beets
Peppers - a large handful of the smaller ones or 2 large - 
a variety of colors (we're particular to orange) 

Carrots - 4-5 - dice or slice long ways - no matter, it's all yummy
Broccolette - a bunch

fresh thyme
fresh garlic - 2 larger cloves

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Olive oil or Red Palm Oil - We like Nutiva (no environment is harmed in their palm oils)

1.5 pounds of chicken - we choose organic thighs - choose any pieces you like

Dice your veggies
Dice your garlic small
Slice your oranges - cut the peel off  2 of your oranges.  
On one, zest it (save the zest for last) and slice into chunks and set aside

Choose a dutch oven or cast iron skillet.
Add in 2-3 tbs of olive oil or red palm oil
Place your chicken in the pan
Sprinkle sea salt and pepper
Place orange slices on each piece of chicken
Add in your diced veggies and garlic
Place your thyme herbs on top
Take your 3rd orange and squeeze the juices all over the top of the veggies
Sprinkle the zest on top
Add just a touch more sprinkle of your pink Himalayan sea salt on top

Cook in preheated oven at 350 degrees until done.  Cover the top with a piece of unbleached parchment for the first 20 minutes to ensure the veggies don't darken too much.

Take loads of pictures and then eat whilst hot!

Bon appetit! 

My Notes:

I cannot express to you enough how important food is.  Ingredients truly matter.   Take the time to choose organic and fresh produce.  For chicken, choose organic and the highest number in animal welfare they have available or even better - know your farmer!
What the chickens eat matters too, so local isn't always the answer.
Yes, I love color and especially so in my food and pans!
Get your kids involved in the shopping, preparing and cooking process!  Age appropriate of course, but there is always something to do in the kitchen!  Cooking is never a chore - it is a blessing and a much needed treat!

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