Summer Coconut Seafood Stew!

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It's spring and while I am thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather, blooming flowers and seasonal foods - I am secretly dreaming of summer and all of it's glories!  We have been working on this coconut ginger seafood stew (really it's a soup) and it is our new go-to recipe for favorite dinners and it looks like it's made for entertaining!  A great seafood stew is super easy and interchangeable with the type of seafood, your veggies and if you don't like coconut milk - switch it out for tomato paste.  Cook. Taste and Repeat!  

The important thing is - COOK! 

The quality of your ingredients makes all the difference!


we choose organic whenever possible

Fresh Ginger Root - 2 heaping teas - zested / grated
Zucchini - 2-3 - diced fairy small
Onion - 1 
Shallots - 1
Red Pepper - 1
Orange Beets 2 small ones - diced small 
(red beets are great, but change the color of your pretty stew!)

Carrots - choose a bunch with a variety of small and colorful carrots and slice thin
Celery - 2-3 diced very fine
Garlic - 2 cloves - fresh and diced fine
Sea Salt - I always use several - Celtic sea salt and a pink Himalayan salt - to taste
Freshly ground pepper - to taste
Italian parsley - a handful - chopped

Coconut Milk - 1 can about 5-6 oz (I look for organic and only one ingredient)
Seafood Broth - 32 oz  - if you do not have seafood broth - just use veggie broth!
Veggie Broth - 42 oz (I use Pacific Foods - no sugar is added & it's delicious)

2 pounds of wild caught clams - I used part fresh water clams and ocean (they're all yummy)
1 pound of mahi mahi (or use whatever looks fresh and amazing!)

Cook - 

Heat your dutch oven to medium heat.  Add olive oil or coconut oil.
Add in onions, shallots, beets, garlic and carrots - all diced 
Cook until almost done and then add-in your zucchini, ginger, red pepper and spices!

Add in your coconut milk and broths and heat at medium-high heat.
Taste and add any sea salt, pepper and/or ginger and garlic to taste
Lower heat to medium and add in your rinsed clams.  When they pop open your soup can be turned to lower heat to simmer.  Discard any clams that do not open.

If you prefer, you may steam or boil your clams separately and add in that way.
Super easy - steam or boil until clams open.  Thats it!  Again, discard any that do not open.

While your stew is simmering - Cook your fish preference separately in pan with grassfed butter or coconut oil, if desired.  I prefer the taste of grassfed butter.  If it is a good quality fish - you won't even need to add any spices.  It should taste amazing cooked in butter.  Cool slightly and cut into chunks. 
Add to your simmering stew.

When you are ready to serve, add in your Italian parsley to hot stew and serve with warmed baguette and nice organic, fair trade wine. 


Full of veggies and absolutely delicious! 

What you are cooking today?

My Notes:

If you have followed little island studios long, you know that food matters to us!
You can not out-cook lousy ingredients.

With this stew add or take out any veggies that you can not find (or if your kiddo refuses to eat)  Stew is super easy and can be adapted to your own tastes.  That is why there are so many recipes for the same dishes!

Include your kids whenever possible in the cooking and food buying process - food matters!  Teach them the gloriousness of food and it's benefits to our healthy bodies.

I buy my seafood at Whole Foods and always talk to them about what is the highest in sustainability - they have the highest standards, as far as seafood that I have available.

I personally buy Kerrygold grassfed butters, Organic Valley organic butters, Pacific Foods broth (some companies add sugar to veggie broth! No thanks)
I use Simply Organic and Frontier Spices (great company)

I look for homemade and local made breads with unbromated flours and organic.

Actually - I buy every single thing I can organic, Verified Non-GMO and fair trade.

A good pan can make all the difference in your cooking and I am sucker for the ever-so-gorgeous,  French made, Staub pans! *sigh*

Happy Cooking lovelies and please follow our cooking adventures on Instagram!

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