Dandelions & Spice Jars!

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Summer brings the simplest pleasures.  Bring in the beautiful healing dandelions and put them in an empty spice jar to bring summer inside.  Bright yellow dandelions can brighten the rainiest of summer afternoons.  Changing how we see them can change our mood, health and how we see our lawns.  Where we got the idea of competing with our neighbors for the greenest lawns, I'll never know.  These days lawns are so toxic, they are not safe for our children to play on.  So what is the point?  Having healthy organic lawns or even better yet - grow food, not lawns.  We are changing the world around us and changing our children's healthy futures.

There is no need to buy a vase or plastic cup.  Save your empty spice jars and bring the color inside for happy afternoons!  Or simply make tea out of them.

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