Pimm's Cup For Summer Happiness!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that a Pimm's Cup is wildly refreshing and perhaps my new obsession.  There are countless recipes and slight variations and while I'm sure that they're all good...this one is supremely superior, my opinion!   Really though, Pimm's and Beefeater Gin are so very tasty, you really can't go wrong! 

Happy Summer, Indeed!

This is for one drink, but you're going to simply need more.  So double or triple up!

Ingredients - 

Pimms  (if perhaps you have not had before....you're welcome)
Gin - good quality - we use Beefeater Gin

Lemon - Lime Soda - we used Honest Tea brand (it's organic)

Orange (I always buy organic)
Parisian cucumber
Mint leaves 


Take a shaker or just a large glass and fill with ice.  Add in 1 1/2 oz of Pimms and 
1/2 of Beefeater's Gin.

Take your 10-12 oz serving glass add ice to it.  
Add in one slice of cucumber - I like to slice lengthwise.
Slice your orange - squeeze one slice over ice (in serving cup) & leave in
Same with your lime - 2 slices

Take your shaker glass with the Pimm's and Gin and pour into your serving glass. Making sure that you have a drink strainer on the top to strain out the ice.

Pour into your serving cup.
Add in around 4-5 oz of lemon-lime soda
Squeeze remaining orange and lime slices on top.
Top with strawberry and mint leaf and if desired (we desired), another orange slice.

Add pretty straw and enjoy, drink and repeat!

If you let the strawberry sit in the gin...oh my! Best strawberry ever!

Additional - you can muddle your cucumber slice and mint leaf, if desired.

Honestly, they're so delicious we just loved ours like this.

I shall not discuss just how many I enjoyed this weekend....

My Notes:

Instead of watching a tennis match whilst drinking these Pimm's Cups, you could just stream Wimbledon movie online.  It's kinda the same.

Is it wrong I see this as healthy - drinkie style?!

Just kidding, but seriously, I always use organic fruits and veggies.

The same with soda, I rarely drink soda but, the Honest Lemon-Lime soda was outstanding in this drink and I've already picked more up. ...not that I drink all mine or anything! ;)

Happy weekend, lovelies!