Simple Summer Tomatoes & Basil!

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Summer is coming!  And one of our simplest of summer treats is fresh tomatoes and basil.  That's it!
I am posting this to remind you that real food - fresh, organic and whole foods make the most amazing and simplest "fast food" there is!  In a country were grocery markets are ninety percent packaged and processed foods, I think we forget that the best food is real - unprocessed, freshly picked and ready to eat.  Our health and that of our country is depending on us remembering where we came from and where we originally bought our food from - farmers.
Whether you are buying from a farmers market or your local grocer - support organic, fair trade and non-GMO farmers every single time you can!  

Eat in season and eat well.

Ingredients - 

Tomatoes - I love simply love heirloom tomatoes from my local organic farmer, but when those are not ready.  I choose fair trade, organic tomatoes from Whole Foods Market (or when I'm in DC, I go to MOMS Organic Market...every single time!)

Fresh Organic Basil
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Olive Oil 

Slice, dice, mix, taste and tweak

That's it.  Your super simple summer treat is ready to eat!

Eat by itself as a refreshing lunch or top on your black beans and rice soup!

My Notes:

The gorgeous colorful kitchen towels are from Williams Sonoma (the plaid one is PBKids)
Colorful knives are from Kuhn Rikon (are you sensing a color theme?!)
I use Simply Organic Spices and Frontier Co-op Spices
Look for fair trade, organic and Non-GMO labels when shopping for foods.
Seek out your local organic farmer and become besties!
Basil is from Gotham Greens!

Eat well, lovelies.  Food Matters!


Unknown said…
Hooray for summer tomatoes!