The Beast Of Cretacea - Adventure Reading Must-Have!

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The Beast of Cretacea by Todd Strasser is without a doubt the best and most exciting teen book I have read in a long time!  Seriously.  I honestly, don't want to say too much and give away some of the story...which I totally will, if pressed.   Think a bit Star Trek and Moby Dick create the ultimate adventure!   My daughter is now reading and it's quite frankly hard to not say - "are you to this part" or "has this happened yet".  It's a bit hard for me to hold my tongue and wait until she is done - can not wait.

So yes, I highly recommend for ages 11 and up!  There is nothing too graphic that would be upsetting for younger.  Your kiddo, you decide.

The Beast of Cretacea is an epic sic-fi adventure that I fully expect to see in movie theaters as soon as  Hollywood gets wind of this.  

Put it this way - you'll want to read before or after your kids do!  

We have a hard cover copy to give away!  Enter to win, but read regardless - borrow a copy, rent a copy or just buy your own!  Happy reading!

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I happily work with Candlewick Press to find spectacular books that moms and kids will love!  Opinions are my own - completely love this book! 


Unknown said…
My son enjoys reading fantasy. He enjoyed the Warriors series and we're looking for something new to read.