Very Berry Semolina Pudding!

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Now that my eating has changed to clean, organic and healthy eating, there is not much that I miss.  Every now and then though, I would love to have a bowl of Cream of Wheat.  You know the kind.  The instant packets with the brown sugar already in them (and goodness know what else).  As a kid, I would pour just enough water in the bowl to cover the mix.  I liked it that way...I made it myself and it was fun on Saturday mornings for cartoons.  Remember?

I don't eat that way anymore (thankfully) but it still sounds nice - once in a while.  I honestly had no idea what semolina porridge or semolina pudding was.  I didn't sound very appealing.   Semolina is a porridge-like pudding.  Whatever you chose to call it - let me assure you that this is nothing short of spectacular and this is the only pudding-porridge I know that you'll want for breakfast and dessert!  Seriously.  

Ingredients - 

Semolina Flour - 1 1/2 cup
Sugar - 2/3 cup of your choice (see notes below)
Grassfed Butter -7 oz
Grassfed Whole Milk - 2 1/2 -  We use Organic Valley (non-homogenized)
Ceylon Cinnamon - 4 teas
Nutmeg - 2 teas 


Mix of organic fresh berries - raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries

Other amazing toppings include - walnuts (sauté in butter before adding)
Mango chunks - fresh
Pecans ( sauté in grassfed butter first)

Absolutely amazing and so much better than anything that comes out of a packet.

Cook - 

Melt the butter in large saucepan and then add semolina flour for about ten minutes at medium heat. 
Stir often. The butter will darken the flour a bit. (that's good, you want golden brown)
While that is cooking - Combine milk, sugar and spices in your skillet or dutch oven to a boil. 
Stir often. 
Turn to low.
Add in the semolina / butter mixture.
Stir at low heat until smooth.
Turn off heat.
Add berries on top.

Add a cup of coffee, close your eyes and enjoy the best semolina pudding / porridge ever!

You're welcome.

Cook to impress this weekend at brunch, summer dessert or Friday night movie munchies!
This is superb year 'round!

Bon Appetit! 

My Notes:

As always ingredients matters. 

 I use grass fed whole milk that is non-homogenized with cream on top!  Depending on where I am with my travels, I use Organic Valley or Kalyna. 

I use Kerrygold Irish grassfed butter.  Organic Valley has a great organic butter, as well.

I use Simply Organic and Frontier Co-op Spices.  They are non-irradiated, organic, sourced ethically and the only spices I use.

Yes, I'm slightly obsessed with color and Staub cookware.  Do they have a 12-step program for that?

These are berries from Driscoll's - organic and fair trade

With sugar - try different kinds out.  I look for biodynamic sugar (biodynamic goes above and beyond organic standards).  Coconut sugar, Turbinado sugar, muscovado sugar (absolutely dreamy) - try new things!

Food Matters.
Farmers Matter.
Fresh Food Matters.

Eat Like It Matters, Lovelies!

And at Feed Feed!