Very Veggie Eggie Brunch!

Plain and simple - brunch makes me happy.  And this Very Veggie Eggie Bake is the ultimate in weekend happiness!   We made this super easy bake that is table ready and will delight your  guests...or really just make your husband think  you worked extra hard slaving away in the kitchen and you simply deserve an afternoon reading in the spring sun!   ...except for my husband who knows that I am happiest cooking.

We are so very pleased this recipe and pictures have been selected to be featured at The Feed Feed!  Check us out! 

Color, organic healthy food are always absolute pure happiness! 

Ingredients - 

your ingredients make all-the-difference and with this recipe use and variate and add-in more veggies as much as you want to!  This is just a basic recipe.

Orange Beets - 3
Garlic - 2 cloves - dice
Lemon - 1 - wedges
Carrots - handful of small carrots
Potatoes - 4 large
Kale - 1 - 2 cups 
Sea Salt

Toppings - 

Guajillo or Saracha Sauce!
Chia Seeds
Spoonful of Grass Fed Yogurt

We paired out veggie bake with freshly made organic apple chicken sausage, fair trade strawberries and freshly squeezed orange juice!  And TOMS Roasting coffee...always coffee - fair trade! 

Cook - 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Heat a cast iron skillet to medium. 
Add olive oil, spices and diced garlic to your pan.
Dice your veggies length ways and your kale finely.
Cook your carrots, potato, beets until done the way you like. 
Add in kale.
Make 4 well spaces in your pan while pan is still on burner and drop in an egg in each one.
Squeeze your lemon wedges all over your dish.
Bake in oven until done.


You have an easy egg bake that is gorgeous and table ready!

Bon Appetite! 

My Notes:

The quality of your ingredients make all the difference - choose organic, pasture raised and sustainable foods.

The orange dishes are from Williams Sonoma made in France and they're my favorite!

My garlic press and tongs are from DreamFarm

I'm obsessed with Staub cookery and colors.  Just sayin'.

Driscoll's has recently joined forces with Fair Trade Campaign and SO very pleased I can now buy strawberries organic and fair trade.

Farmers and Food Matters!