Blueberry & Cucumber French Vinaigrette Salad! #TasteWhatMatters #SavorSummer

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Yes, we are happily partnering with Tessemae's All Natural to bring you this yummy summertime dish.  However, if you follow little island studios on Instagram, you probably already know - we buy Tessemae's products sponsored or not!

Upon our travels and living in DC a few years ago, I fell in love with Tessemae's All Natural dressings.  I had all but stopped buying salad dressings from the sheer amount of additives in them.  Even the organic ones (though not near as bad).  Then at Whole Foods one Saturday morning, I had just escaped the house sans kids and it was sample day, I spent several minutes chatting with the Tessemae's All Natural rep about their products, company and vision and I was immediately a fan.  Then I tasted the dressings and have bought them every since! 
What I have found with Tessemae's dressings is that yes, they're amazing on your basic salad, but you simply must cook with them to experience all they offer!  I have made truly the most incredible roasted chicken with the Tessemae's Lemon Garlic and the French Vinaigrette.  Their foods are made from what I use in the kitchen.  No nasties, additives or things I can't pronounce and have no idea what they are.  I approve! (if you follow me on Instagram, you know this is a big deal)

I am so very pleased to announce that Tessemae's All Natural doesn't just have salad dressings.  I jumped up and down in the store (yes, my Whole Foods manager and ask) when I saw their BBQ sauce and other condiments.  Please believe me when I say they are all nothing short of spectacular!

Tessemae's version of Matty's BBQ sauce is Whole 30 approved, organic, made in small batches and there is no sugar added.  Go ahead...find another BBQ sauce with no sugar added.  I'll wait.

Cucumbers - 3 large beautiful & organic
Blueberries - organic & about 2 cups
Cilantro - a handful
Celtic Sea Salt - to taste
Pepper - just a pinch

Tessemae's French Vinaigrette - to taste (about 1/4 cup)

Mix your cucumbers and blueberries together.
Add-in a pinch a Celtic Sea Salt.
Dice your cilantro & add in.
Pour in your French Vinaigrette 
Taste and Tweak, if necessary.


My Notes:

We use organic ingredients. 
Especially our berries, which are on the highest in pesticides list.  
Food matters. 
Feed your family like their health is depending on it.

Add the BBQ sauce to roasted potatoes (roast or sauté with olive oil)
and it's life changing.  Dip organic raw carrots into the BBQ sauce.  
It's perfection!

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 Thank you Tessemae's for making sauces and dressings that I would make myself for my kids. (only yours tastes better)

This is partnered with Tessemae's.  Opinions are my own. Yes, yes, yes - absolutely love Tessemae's foods!