Quick Homemade Tomato Soup!

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Tomato Soup is basically tomatoes, yet I can't figure out why almost all of the recipes I look up are full of cream, butter, sugar and chicken stock.  I am not a vegetarian, however I am all for meals and days that are meat free.   This tomato soup is a basic, delicious, easy to make and perfect in all seasons!

Ingredients - 

Veggie Broth - *see notes below* - 32 oz
Whole Tomatoes - I used canned 2 - 32 oz cans (please look for zero additives)
Yellow Onion - 1 medium sized
Shallot - 1 small
Garlic - use fresh, not jarred - 4 cloves
Sea Salt - I used a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt and Atlantic Hand Harvested
Pepper - to taste - about 3 teas
Olive Oil - about 3-4 oz

Optional - 

Fresh Basil Leaves
Sour Cream Topping (obviously this negates the vegan claim)
Shredded Sharp Cheddar - grass fed to taste
Grass Fed Plain Yogurt - I use Stonyfield 

In a dutch oven pot, saute the onions, shallots, garlic and spices in the olive oil.
Add-in the whole tomato cans.
Heat gently
Add-in the veggie broth
Heat and Stir
Use a hand submersion blender.  Please note - the soup is hot...do NOT turn on the hand blender before you have put it in the soup.  If you do, hot soup will fling everywhere and it bloody well hurts.  I, of course, did not do this....I'm just letting you know, in case you didn't already know. *sigh*

If you do not have a submersion blender you can use a stand blender.
Just let the soup cool down, so you do not damage the plastic blender jar.

Now that your soup is blended and mixed.  Heat again gently and taste.  Tweak to taste.

My Notes:

I use Pacific Foods Veggie Broth. It is the only one I can find with no additives and no sugar.  If you want to make your own....obviously that would be awesome!

I use Stonyfield Plain Grass Fed yogurt - no sugar and organic.

Use veggie broth with no sugar.  Pacific Foods makes a yummy organic one with no additives and no sugar.  When you don't have time to make your own.

Look for tomatoes that have zero additives. Just organic tomatoes.

Three Cheeses Grilled Sandwiches dipped in Tessemae's BBQ Sauce! 

This is not a sponsored post.  This is just what I buy for my family.  I am a part of Stonyfield blogger team.


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