Cooking Purply Cabbage & Sea Salt for Dinner!

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Quite possibly the most easiest dish you will cook this week - purply (because purply is fun to say) cabbage and sea salt!   Cooking and eating fresh food has never been more important than now.  Mostly because we have gone from a country that cooks to a people that no longer cooks and no longer really even knows what healthy eating is.  Eating healthy does not include packaged food from the "diet" section or the frozen section.  Eat fresh food.  Cook real food.  Teach your children about food for their healthy futures.  If you don't know how to cook, you're in luck because the information is there and easier than ever to find....if you want it.  Blogs, websites, Youtube, Amazon and Netflix are absolutely full of amazing and delicious resources!  

Get cooking - you CAN do it! 

Ingredients - 

Purple cabbage - really any color will do, but have you ever seen a more beautiful color than this purply cabbage?!

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt - if you don't have Pink Sea Salt, use Celtic or any sea salt. ( do NOT use the chemically refined table salt you grew up with)

Pepper - to taste

Olive Oil - (no worries...just get the best you can)

Balsamic Vinegar - please try to buy the best you's amazing.

Cook - 

Slice your cabbage in half and slice thinly each half.
Have your kids try a piece of raw cabbage - it's awesome!
Heat your iron skillet.
Add a large dash of olive oil when at medium heat.
Sprinkle a dash of sea salt and pepper.
Add-in your cabbage 
Let the cabbage heat then stir
Sprinkle in a little bit more sea salt and olive oil.
Taste and add-in a dash of balsamic vinegar
Heat for a minute
Taste again and tweak salt, if needed.

When it is cooked to your liking - serve hot!

Food matters! 
Choose organic as often as you can.
Avoid GMOs (organic food is already non-GMO)
Start each shopping trip in the fruit and veggie department then head to the "other" section!

Food is Wellness.