Rosemary Sliced Potatoes!

You CAN cook!  

In this day and age, everywhere we look we see instant meals, fast food, boxed-no-prep "food".  This is utter BS.  YOU CAN COOK.  And cook we must - for our health and that of our children!  Food is more important now than ever before!  We must cook like our very health is depending on it.  I posted these over the holidays last year and someone commented that they love Hasselback Potatoes (name is from Restaurant Hasselbacken in Switzerland).  Honestly, I had NO idea that is what these were or that they had an actual name.  I really just call them sliced potatoes.  Whatever you call them, they are amazing and just about the easiest and prettiest way to cook potatoes!  

These have fresh rosemary, but you can use any herb you would like to try.

Ingredients - 

Potatoes to fill your pan or skillet
Olive Oil - several glugs
Fresh Rosemary - chopped fine
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Celtic Sea Salt


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees
Wash and slice your potatoes ( I usually peel mine)
Start from one end and slice almost to the bottom of the potato, across potato
  Stop before you hit the bottom, so the potato stays together.
Add a glub of olive oil to your pan
Place potatoes on top of the olive oil - fill pan
Coat tops with olive oil
Sprinkle Pink and Celtic sea salts, pepper and chopped rosemary - a great job for the kids!

Bake for around 45-50 minutes or until done

If your oven runs high, you can place unbleached parchment on top of the pan for the first 20 minutes.

Happy cooking!

My Notes:

We are so thrilled to have The Feed Feed pic up this picture for their Staub feature!

Food matters.  I choose organic potatoes ALWAYS!
I look for spices that have not been irradiated or are full pesticides - I love Frontier Co-op and Simply Organic Spices!
Yes, if you follow me on Instagram, you already know I'm obsessed with cooking, food and my pans!
(Staub rules, if you didn't already know ;)


SweetTee said…
Looks yummy and easy to make!!! I will be making this tonight... Thank you for putting this on your blog:) I will be following!