Simple Good Morning Porridge!

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Summer is still in full swing in the south (I'm currently in Birmingham), yet it's back to school time.  On mornings were you don't want to cook a full breakfast before work, school and everything moms do and rather than grabbing a packaged box of cereal - consider a simple breakfast.  Making steel cut oats doesn't require much effort and gives you that feeling of having made a "hearty" breakfast.

Try porridge with fresh berries, Korentji Cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg with a great cup of coffee or almond milk for the little ones and you have got yourself a simple and terrific way to start the day off!  And for the little ones, putting a teaspoon of brown sugar on top of the porridge makes it extra sweet!

My Notes:
I use organic fresh berries
Kitchen towel from Williams Sonoma (the brighter, the better)
I use Irish Steel Cut Oats
The tree cup makes me happy especially when I pretend I'm in the forrest from 
Yummy coffee is TOMS Roasting Co - try the Peru - fair trade happiness!

No, this is not sponsored.