Perfectly Pumpkin Chocolate Bread!

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It's that time of year for all the pumpkin things!  I look forward to making pumpkin bread every year.  This year I googled what was the most popular pumpkin bread and the top recipe has 3 cups of sugar - I repeat THREE cups in ONE loaf of bread!  Why oh WHY on earth would you ever want something with that much sugar?  There is NO reason ever to have 3 cups of sugar in one loaf of bread.  That's absurd and quite possibly, what is wrong with today's weight issues.   This recipe is gluten-free (if you want it to be), low on sugar and absolutely delicious!  Please see notes below.*

Ingredients - 

7 oz cup of Buckwheat Flour
8 oz of Oat Flour * (see notes)
2 teas baking powder
3 heaping teas of pumpkin spice
1 teas of Ceylon Cinnamon

3 eggs
4 oz brown sugar
15 oz - Pumpkin
4 oz grass fed butter - room temp

2 oz almond milk (no additives)

Chocolate Chips or Chunks - 1 cup and extra for topping

Bake - 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix dry ingredients
Mix eggs, sugar, pumpkin and butter together
Add-in dry ingredients into wet
Mix until fluffy
Add-in 2 oz of almond milk
Mix - batter should be fluffy
Add-in Chocolate Chips/Chunks
Top with Chocolate Chips 

Pour into your bread loaf pan.  I use unbleached parchment with mine.
Bake for 35-40 minutes until knife comes out clean.

Cool slightly but then feel free to grab a coffee and enjoy! 
My Notes:

I do not normally post recipes until I have pictures I am happy with.  However, I have had so many emails for this and DMs from my Insta-Story Sneak Peak that I'm posting now.  Pictures will be replaced when ready.  You're welcome! ;)

I am obsessed with Buckwheat Flour right now, which is not wheat, but a fruit seed relating to rhubarb.  I also love oat flour, which is gluten-free, as well as buckwheat.  If you don't want or need gluten-free - spelt flour is my favorite flour to bake with.  Spelt is very gentle on your system, digests well and is delicious! 

As always - Ingredients Matter!  Never think your ingredients do not matter.  Food matters more than your new 'improved' iPhone or anything else!

I use organic and non-GMO ingredients - always!
Simply Organic Spices, Bobs Red Mill and Arrowhead Flours are amazing.
For Spelt Flour - One Organic

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Yum! This looks great!