Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks!

We are so pleased to partner with Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks!

So I have to be honest, I was looking forward to getting Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks delivered. It all happened very fast...the drinks were delivered, my husband came home from the job site for lunch....and well...he asked if he could have a "few" for the guys.  I said sure...  Apparently, they're all awesome and come highly recommend in the Alabama heat for guys working their tails off in construction! 

 I did manage to snag a Blood Orange and a Coconut Water flavor - they were right - YUM!

Organic Sugar, No GMOs and NO nasties - everything you want in an energy drink and nothing you don't!

They really had me at - Made in Italy!

With ingredients including organic elderberry, yerba mate, blood orange, lemon juice, coconut water, black carrot juice, rose hips, ginger root, green teas, cranberries, coconut sugar and organic sugar (all ingredients listed here are organic) and vitamins for maximum healthy energy! 

Dark Dog Energy Organic Drink - Made in Italy and with coconut water! 

DARK DOG – The energy drink company since 1995 has aimed to meet the highest quality standards and use the best ingredients.

Committed to a healthier, more sustainable way of life, we created great-tasting, refreshing, organic energy drinks that cater to the needs of consumers who care about their well-being in search of tasty, nutritious products free of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals.
After 3 years of extensive tests, we have come up with this product line made of the best organic ingredients available. Our mission is to provide you with ORGANIC ENERGY. You can feel good about drinking a can of DARK DOG ORGANIC because it has been certified by the USDA and verified by the Non-GMO Project!

Dark Dog Energy Drinks on

Yes, we happily partnered with Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks and Mambo Sprouts! Opinions, as always are my own! (and always include husbands / kids opinions too)


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I am going to try this!