Fighting for Our Freedom in Election 2016.

I know, I know. Never ever talk about religion, politics or really anything that someone might disagree with.  I know.  But why should we only talk about simple things and not talk about our rights.  I think one thing we can all agree on is we as Americans take pride in our rights and freedom.   We believe that America cannot fall.   I also believe, we in America, have grown to take our right for granted and that is a dangerous thing.  We have been and continue to lose our rights in this country. Slowly.  Very slowly and always with a the people choose to not notice.  

Do you know the media is all run and owned by essentially the same groups of people.  This information is everywhere, should you choose to see.

As if Americans needed more proof - WikiLeaks has released mountains of evidence of the dark dealings in our government by people that are obstructing justice and freedom.

There is so much evidence, videos and data, but I think the people are easily swayed this way and that and don't want to burden themselves with information that cause them to think too hard.  

Before you vote.  Just watch this news segment.  Just watch.

If you are upset over this.  If you are getting ready to unfollow me or write a nasty comment.  I encourage to you to think why.  Why does this upset you?  Does it cause you to rethink or relearn what you have been programmed to believe?  Then instead of getting upset at me for having truth.  Dive in.  Skip tonights TV and educate yourself on what is most certainly the most important election in any recent history.   This election is being controlled by media, the owners of the voting machines (yes, really) and by the world's elite.  These people despite what they say on camera, care nothing for our rights as people. Nothing for our right to raise our children in a safe and healthy world.

The media tells you to believe lies and not truths.  

Will you participate?  

The future of your children is directly depending on this very thing.

For whatever good it does in an "election" that has already been decided.  I will vote for Trump.  The mere fact that he is not a career politician and has the rights of the people and for the people in mind. That is reason one why I am voting.  Back to Basics. For ALL American citizens!