Kitchen Wares, Food Props & House Styles!

I recently featured some foodie shots on my Instagram and had loads of DMs asking about my props. Yay! So here you go -  Sugarboo & Co has kitchen wares that I simply cannot find anywhere else.  As a food blogger, I am constantly on the look out for different props and kitchen gear.

I go to Sugarboo & Co for kitchen wares, but they also have gorgeous gifts for little ones, incredible planting pots (they look like logs and they're awesome), framed quotes and so much more to bring originality to your space.

This enamel colander has a powder blue finish and oooh, the black ring at the top!  The tea towel is utterly exquisite in quality and looks! Looove them both!  And of course, organic, fair trade strawberries make everything extra delicious. 

This batter bowl is absolutely gorgeous and looks like it is straight from the farm! 

This half-sized ceramic farmers market berry basket is completely perfect for blueberries, blackberries and raspberries! 

Hello Gorgeous! 

Awesome tote, jeans, heels are from Madewell! 

I buy Simply Organic Spices and Frontier Co-op Spices! 

Knive is Henkel and awesome! 

We always buy organic berries - always except for wild blueberries! 
Happy cooking, lovelies! 

We are so very pleased to feature Sugarboo & Co! Opinions are my own.  


Laura said…
Girl, I'm cray about that colander! Love it.