Color Happiness, Art Supplies & Kid's Book Holiday Giveaway!

I take gift giving very seriously and put a great deal of thought into what would inspire the receiver.   It is my opinion that we as a society don't need more "stuff".  Most children have a whole list of things they saw on TV that they want (or think they want).  It is my experience in parenting over twenty years that "stuff" ends up being just that - stuff that ends up sitting in a play bin - unused for the most part.   My go-to gifts always include art supplies and gorgeous books picture books.  Color always inspires!

Color Happiness! 

International Arrivals has the happiest art supplies anywhere!  I first bought their supplies at The Land of Nod and Barnes and Noble

Stocking stuffers and gifts galore! 
 There is nothing happier than colorful art supplies & books where the possibilities are endless! 

Rainbow Fluffy Pen!  
I took this out at a business meeting and I ended up giving it to the client - she freaked!  
So you know...I got the account! Highly recommend! 

Color IS Happiness! 

Starfish Crayons!

Charlie and Lola Picture Books!

Our Most Favorites - 

Star Crayons - enough said
May I say, the Rainbow Fluffy Pen...AMAZING!

Yellow Art Caddy - The Land of Nod (it's perfect!)
Charlie and Lola Picture Books - newly released and redone paper backs!

Stars & Hearts!
Giveaway Includes -

Our most favorite art caddy
(I picked the color's pure happiness!) 

Giveaway includes all items above in description. Prizes is shipped via individual companies. US only please. We are not responsible for shipping, use or if your child is inspired to create!

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Abundant THANK YOUS to International Arrivals Art Supplies, The Land of Nod and Candlewick Press!  You all provide such joy and inspirations for kids...but also moms! Thank you!

We have happily joined together with Candlewick Press and International Arrivals.  The Land of Nod art caddy - is mine and Land of Nod was gracious to offer a giveaway of our favorite.   Opinions are my own.  I buy all brands constantly for my kids and for gift giving! (if you follow my on Instagram, you KNOW ;D


Ali said…
My 9 yr old loves any kind of art her favorite is painting canvas's.
Janet W. said…
My grandson's favorite art activity is coloring with colored pencils.
Laura H said…
My son loves to paint!
marilyn888 said…
what a fun giveaway!! My son or niece would just love this!!
Amber Cheras said…
making their own canvases with water colors!
Debby said…
My daughter's favorite way to express her creativity was cutting and pasting. She was so creative with how she places all her bits of paper.