Simple Market Roasted Veggies & A FeedFeed InstaMeet!

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Autumn.  Doesn't the mere mention of the word bring you joy and warmth?  Autumn is my favorite and my best and roasting veggies means everything on a chilly rainy afternoon. 

 This weekend, if you follow us on Insta-Stories, you know we spent the afternoon making veggies we picked up from our trip to the Green City Market in Chicago to meet up with FeedFeed!  

Coffee & Treats anyone? We highly recommend the Restoration Hardware Courtyard! 

The onions are from Froggy Meadow Farms and quite honestly, they are the best onions - ever!  Seriously. 

We added olive oil, sea salt, Simply Organic Black Pepper and 
Italian Season topped with fresh rosemary sprigs.
Cook at 350 degrees until done. About 30-40 minutes

That's it. SO very easy and the most delicious dish you'll make all week! 
Toss together in the roasting pan with your hands before cooking.  
A great job for the kids to help with

So simple and delicious! 
Simply Amazing. 

My Notes:

Food Matters - Never tell yourself it doesn't.   

In a world of more and more toxins, pesticides and fake GMO food - Food Matters! 

I buy organic and non-GMO food.  If it's not labeled, then I make it a point to know my farmer!
Cook everyday and get your kids involved.  We have an entire generation of people that have no idea how to cook real food and it's getting worse.  
Food is healing - mentally and physically!

Join us at FeedFeed for recipe and food inspirations! 

Do not miss Froggy Meadow Farms at Green City Market. Seriously, he inspires to cook more, know more and expect authentic real food!

This is not a sponsored post. Just our Sunday lunch - YUM!