Under Water, Under Earth Picture Book Giveaway!

We have happily teamed up with Big Picture Press to bring you another amazing must-have book for your kids!  Enjoy! 

As always we simply love the books Big Picture Press puts out, but I have to say - they've outdone themselves on this one!  Under Earth, Under Water picture book  by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski, goes above and beyond providing inspiration for kids!  This two sided book has my little one absolutely intrigued.  We are still working on our reading, but he is enthralled looking at the pictures or me reading to him.  He brings this book everywhere!  The book is huge and to be opened and read vertically with Earth in one half - turn and water takes over that half.  We love it! 

Under Water, Under Earth is the must-have for any child looking to learn about submarines, diving, sinkholes, shipwrecks, oil and gas exploration, giants of the deep, natural gas, water, electricity, tectonic plates, volcanoes, geysers, earth's layers, how roots grow, animal habitats and countless other facts in Under Water, Under Earth! 

Under Water, Under Earth on our bookshelf today! 

Several pages on roots and layers of the earth! 

One of little one's favorite subjects - The Mariana Trench! 

Hundreds of fascinating facts are waiting to be unearthed in this latest book from Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski, the creative duo behind the best-selling Maps. Dive below the surface and find out what happens under earth and under sea—from early submarines and deep-sea life to burrowing animals and man-made tunnels. You will never look at the world in the same way again! Gorgeous design and quirky illustrations make this a book to be pored over again and again. - Big Picture Press

Whether you buy, win or borrow from your local library, please don't miss this picture book - Under Water, Under Earth

We are so very happy to have a copy to giveaway!  US only please. I do not recommend products / books that I would not purchase myself. ( this goes into my gift buying book)   Book is shipped via publisher, we are not responsible for shipping, use or if your child becomes fascinated and won't come to dinner because he wants to do nothing but read this book.  You've been warned.

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my son is doing pre k and it will help him for his future