Eating Clean, Barlean's & Moroccan Chickpea Skillet Pizza!

Today's delicious post is in collaboration with Barleans and Amie Valpone, author of Eating Clean and The Healthy Apple! #EatingCleanwithBarleans

Health and food go hand-in-hand.  Amie Valpone, author of Eating Clean Cookbook and Barlean's healthy food are a great way to get your body going in the right direction!  We love Barlean's products - certified organic, gluten free, Non-GMO, unrefined and a great company!
Flax oil should be in everyones diet in my opinion.  Two tablespoons of ground flax seed is a great place to start.  In this skillet pizza we made today, we used Barlean's Flax Oil in part replacing the olive oil.  And for the Skillet Pizza we sprinkled forth-flax on top of the tomato sauce.

If you follow us on InstaStories you know we made Eating Clean's Moroccan Chickpea Skillet Pizza and Carrot Cashew Herb Sauce!  Absolutely delicious.  My kids loved it!  And don't worry about how to store left-overs - you won't have any!

Blend your carrot cashew sauce to perfection! 

This is ready for the oven.  For the carrot cashew herb sauce I switched out the parsley and spinach for kale, garlic and cumin.  It calls for olive oil.  I used Barlean's flax oil for half of that.  This sauce, or I like to call my new favorite chip dip is absolutely delicious and now in my go-to entertaining recipes!
I've made skillet pizzas before, but this one is one of my favorites!  
Super healthy and clean - eat all you want!

Slides out of the iron skillet like a dream and ready to slice.  Eat with a fork and add a bit extra carrot cashew herb sauce to taste.  Enjoy! 

 My Notes:

Check this out for more than enough reasons to include Flax in your daily diet!

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We have a great giveaway - Barlean's Flax Oil and Forti-Flax and an Eating Clean Cookbook!  Prize is for US only please.  Cookbook is sponsored by me and will be shipped via Amazon.

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Yes, we are happy to be part of Barlean's blogging team.  We have followed The Healthy Apple on and off for years and respect her passion for wellness and food. 


Edye Nicole said…
I like making soups!

Unknown said…
I love making black bean quesadillas.
Suze said…
Elicia P said…
I a baker so I love to bake anything even if it means it is not "clean"!
Anita Mitchell said…
I like to make Chili.