Good Food Made Simple! #goodfoodmadesimple #spon

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This is a collaboration with Good Food Made Simple

Good Food Made Simple uses organic and non-GMO foods as often as possible, cage free eggs, antibiotic and nitrate-free meats, real cheese (makes you wonder what other companies use?!) and you won't find artificial colors, preservatives, flavors sweetness nor hydrogenated oils!  Good food, made simply.  Busy days shouldn't be complicated when it comes to cooking and eating real food.

This hatch chile mac is spicy and oh SO delicious!  We added a bit of sparkling water and sat down to read our new book!  I simply love taking a break mid-day and skip the cooking. Yay me! 

Little one loved the bolognese and called it spaghetti mac!  This is a great compliment folks, as his first choice for any meal is mac and cheese! *sigh*

We pick up our Good Food Made Simple meals at Target!

This post is in collaboration with Mambo Sprouts and Good Food Made Simple.  Opinions are my own.  Yes...SO good! 


Dawn said…
I can't wait to store some of these meals in my fridge for when I don't have much time in the day to cook some dinner. Love that they are healthy and made with organic ingredients.
Bidds said…
These look great! Glad I can grab them on my next Target trip!