Stonyfield, prAna & The Whole You! #TheWholeYou #spon

We are so pleased to collaborate with Stonyfield Organics & prAna Clothing for this post! 

 It's easy to get lost in motherhood, more than I ever thought was possible.  Some days I forget if I actually ate lunch that day much less did I have time to work out.  When I get like this I pull myself back and realign myself to wellness and kindness for myself and my happiness.   Reconnecting with what makes you happy is everything and a great start for the whole you!  

5 Ways to Take Care of the Whole YOU!

Workout - I know, I know...everyone says this.  But truly, whether it is yoga, running, lifting weights, spin classes, walking with baby in stroller or a combination of all - it is necessary! 

Eat Well - If you follow me on Instagram you know that food is a very big deal to me.  As it should be - food matters!  This is why I choose organic and non-GMO foods and products, like Stonyfield Organic yogurts!  I absolutely love Stonyfield Greek Yogurt for making pasta, dips and everyday snacking! 

Play - What is playing for you?  Have you forgotten?  I did for a long time.  Playing can include many things - reading, kayaking (this also falls in working out category), knitting, baking, gardening.  If you don't like anything - keep trying until you find your passion!

Pray - I find when I pray it helps keep me centered and inspired throughout my day.  And amazing things happen! 

Get Dressed - Do you find yourself wearing your husband's tees?  Wearing those pants you got years ago, that never really fit, you don't like and now they have holes to boot?  Throw them OUT!   Head to prAna and pick out some cozy and comfy yet completely stylish clothes that are organic, fair trade and ethically made!  (see the coupon code below)

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Enjoy now and share your summer Whole You fun with #littleislandsummer on Instagram! 

My Notes - 

We purchase Stonyfield products weekly (unsponsored)
And prAna...oh prAna...I'm wearing my favorite prAna sweater right now - unsponsored!
The gorgeous water bottle is from BKR and if you follow my InstaStories - you know it's my favorite and I take everywhere! 
Awesome kids spoon is from Ore Originals 

This post is in collaboration with Stonyfield Organics and prAna - we buy from both fabulous companies - sponsored or not!  Opinions are my own.  (you know we love it!)