Summer Sipp Tequila Blackberry Crush! #HaveASipp #spon

We are so pleased to collaborate with Sipp Organic Soda for this recipe and post! 

With warm weather staying around longer and longer we are thinking of summer food and fun!  Cinco de Mayo is coming up quick and this is a perfect opportunity to get outside and celebrate with Sipp Organic Soda!  Grab some fresh organic blackberries and Sipp Mojo Berry flavor organic soda and let's get happy hour started! 

We buy our Sipp Organic Soda from Fresh Market, Target, Whole Foods & MOMS Organic Market! 
This is not a strong drink so feel free to add to taste!

For your Summer Sipp Tequila Blackberry Crush you need - 

Sipp Mojo Berry Organic Soda
Fresh Blackberries - we highly recommend organic
Fresh Mint Leaves
Limes - we tried Key Limes and regular Limes & both are delicious!
Sugar - coconut sugar or unbleached cane sugar
Roca Silver Patron - (or your brand of light tequila)
Crushed Ice

In the bottom of your glass muddle 2 blackberries, 2 slices of lime, pinch of sugar and 1 mint leaf.
Muddle well.

Add cubed ice to shaker, Add in 2 oz of Roca Silver Patron Tequila and 8 oz Sipp Mojo Berry Organic Soda and shake.

Pour in drinking glass with fresh crushed ice.

Top with blackberries, lime slice and mint leaf.
Extras - 

For an extra kick coat the glass rim with lime slice before you start adding ingredients and dip in salt or our favorite - sugar! 

Easy to make and perfect for throwing them together at your next summer picnic!

Whether you are seaside, at the lake or your own backyard - summer is the time for fun, food, drinks & outside happiness!

Happy Summer!

My Notes:

Sipp Organic Soda is perfect on it's own...ask little one!

Gorgeous Mexican Blanket is from Gunn & Swain 

Beautiful orange napkins were sent as a gift from a wonderful Instagram mom in Guatemala! 

This is a sponsored post with Sipp Organic Soda.  Opinions are my own.  I buy Sipp whether I'm sponsored or not! (if you follow my already know! )