Boozy Cherry-Lemonade!

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Summer is here! It's here, it's finally here!  We wait all year for cherry season and to get organic cherries...well, that is a treat all it's own!   The kids and I were making yummy cherry-lemonades - a fun drink that the kids can squeeze, stir and pour all themselves.  When they took their drinks outside, I found, if you just add a little bit of've got a whole other experience!  Happy summer to me!
Ingredients - 

Fresh cherries - juiced (organic, if available) - 6 oz
Lemon - juice from 2 large lemons & extra slices for garnish
Simple syrup - 2 oz
Carbonated Water - like Perrier -8 oz
Ice - Crushed or Cubed

Simple syrup is just equal parts of sugar and water.  Bring the mixture to almost a boil where the sugar melts.  Cool and keep extra in the fridge.  Use for any cocktails or drinks.

In small pitcher add-in cherry juice, lemon juice, simple syrup and stir.
  Add-in carbonated water and stir gently 

Taste and add more simple syrup, if needed.

Pour into serving glasses with ice.

For the boozy part - Add-in one shot of vodka per glass - stir gently

Top with halved cherries and lemon wedge.

Top with extra cherries and lemon wedge!

Organic Cherries is a short in season, but one of our most favorites!

Happy Summer!

My Notes -

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 I used to think I didn't like vodka.  I just do not like cheap vodka.  
Try Reyka - you're welcome!

Pretty fruit holders are from Crate and Barrel

No, this is not sponsored.  Just delicious!