Celebrate The Men In Your Life!

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I think we need to express our appreciation for the men in our lives.   The world seems crazy right now and there is so much animosity towards men.  We need women AND men to play their roles for us to be successful as families and society in general.  Father's day is here -  please let the dads, husbands, grandpas, sons, brothers and friends around you who are getting it done, know how very much you value and appreciate them and all they do every day.  

5 Ways To Show Appreciation 

Cook his favorite meal and sit down to eat. 

Say THANK YOU! Say I really appreciate what you do for us / me.

Do something he enjoys together.  If it's not your cup of tea...don't complain.

Rent the movie he wants to rent.  No, he really doesn't want to watch the "girly" movie that everyone will cry over but, has a great story written by that author.  

Buy him a great adventure novel! Leap a breakthrough book is an awesome adventure he's sure to love. (no, this is not an affiliate link or sponsored)