Watermelon Lime Slushies!

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Happy, Happy Summer!  It's crazy hot here and the kids are wanting a cool down drink and this Watermelon Lime Slushy hits the spot!  Let the kids help with this one - cubing watermelon, squeezing the limes and adding in the syrup.  We also added some vodka to this and well...this is our new favorite happy hour drink! 

Ingredients - 

Watermelon - large
Limes - 2
Simple Syrup
Ice - lots of ice!

The night before you make these drinks, make sure your watermelon is in the fridge overnight.
Fill your high powered blender with large watermelon chunks
Squeeze the limes over top of the watermelon
Add 1 tablespoon of simple syrup
Add 1.5 cups of crushed ice on top

Tweak - if necessary 

Pour the kids their drinks and make sure to leave out extra that they will surely want.

For Moms & Dads -

After the kids have theirs, blend in a shot of vodka or rum to the rest and pour in your cup.
Obviously don't get the alcohol mix up with the kid's version.  

Add a bit of chili pepper to add some heat to this icy slushy!

My Notes -

As stated above - make sure the watermelon has been in fridge all night.  It makes the drink and the extra watermelon is cold for the kids to eat wedges.
While you're at it - put the vodka in the freezer to get chilled for your summer drinks.
We just love Reyka Icelandic small batch vodka.
Get the kids involved with this recipe. 
Kids can cut the watermelon (with a butterknife) into chunks. Obviously this is after you've cut open the watermelon.  If this is not obvious, please stay out of the kitchen all-together.
Kids can squeeze the limes.

This is not sponsored. Just delicious and our new summer favorite drink!